Acrylic paint is a relatively new medium in the art world. Created in the 1950’s, acrylics were not made available to the public until the 1960’s. The first artists to take advantage of this new medium were Mexican muralists. Later on, acrylics were embraced by pop artists and abstract artists. Today, acrylic paints are used by artists of all types and disciplines, making the medium well respected in the art world despite its very young history.

Acrylic paint is made with a mixture of polymers and pigments. The combination of polymers and pigments creates brilliant, vibrant colours, making acrylic paintings a good choice for those who like bold, exciting colour. Acrylic paintings add a dash of colour to dull, lackluster rooms. A huge bonus is that these types of paintings are easier to maintain than other paint mediums. Many acrylic paintings have bold, graphic, and/or sharp lines, which go very well with modern room designs.

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