It’s hard to imagine that prior to the mid-20th century, photography wasn’t generally considered to be an artform. That it could be anything but an artform seems ludicrous. In today’s world, it’s easy to lose sight of the recognition photographic artists fought so passionately for all those decades ago. Thanks to their efforts, photography was eventually accepted across the board as an artform in its own right.

A photograph freezes a moment like no other artform – as if it knows that moment will never be captured quite the same way again – but bearing witness to it.

One might feel drawn to acquire a particular photo because it triggers a memory, or simply because of its aesthetic appeal. There are so many expressions of photo art out there, across such a wide spectrum of subjects, that there’s bound to be one that reaches out to you and pulls you in.

Art Photographs for sale by the artists, galleries, or individuals. The links below will open a new window with the description of the photo on eBay.

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