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Pop art comes to Swindon

Swindon is about to get its taste of “affordable art” as Swindon’s local auctioneers, Kidson-Trigg at Highworth, are holding an […]

Picasso’s Sylvette smashes auction record

Pablo Picasso’s Sylvette has become the most expensive painting ever sold at auction in Australia. The brightly coloured portrait sold […]

Banksy’s U.K. Street-Art Rival Nick Walker Sells $1.5 Million of New Works

April 19 (Bloomberg) — Nick Walker, an old spray-mate of fellow British street artist Banksy, sold 750,000 pounds ($1.5 million) […]

New hurdle for art forgers as A-bomb fallout is used to identify the fakes

A new and not very subtle weapon is helping art collectors in the battle against forgers: the Bomb. Russian scientists […]

The Economy is Tanking. Why is Sotheby’s Doing So Well?

Lee Rosenbaum has an insightful interview on New York Public Radio to help explain how the art market is supporting […]